Features Standart Equipment
Certification Module : A Closets with Lids
Design Category : C Livar
Boat Length(cm) : 4.90 Chrome Blank Spool
Boat Width (cm) : 210 Chrome dad
Draft size (cm) : 32 Oarlock
Empty Weight (kg) : 250 U-Mapa
Max. Load Weight (kg) : 550 Chrome Handles
Min. Motor power (HP) : 4 Chrome Engine Mount Mirror
Max. Number of Passengers : 6 flagpole
Max motor Power : 130 Deck water removal
Optional Equipment
Shovel Wood Floor Covering
G.ANCHOR 4KG + Rope 6mm 30m Teak floor
Electrical installation Bilge pump
Console Armpit lighting
Set of Mattresses Navigation beacon
Tongs Flato paint
Stairs Underwater lighting
Vinylex Awning with Buttress Horn
Vardevela Console panel
Electrical installation of safter Carling swich
Toxic Paint Battery
Boat salter